The Expiry Time of a trade is the date and time at which a traded position expires.


When trading binary options, an option on a certain asset is always opened and closed at a specific time. The Expiry Time designates the hour and minute at which the trade expires at the end of the predetermined time frame.


Binary options brokers offer various time frames for their customers to place their trades. The usual time frame ranges between 60 seconds and one month.


Whilst most traders prefer to trade 60-second and 30-minute options, some prefer trading with brokers who allow them to customize their own time frames, though it is not common. The main idea is to have one’s funds tied up for a short amount of time and to reach the Expiry Time as fast as possible.


The 60-second time frame nonetheless remains the most popular one amongst traders, although it generally offers a smaller return rate compared to longer time-frames which usually offer a 5% to 10% higher return rate. The second most popular time frame, the 30-minute option, allows traders more room for technical and fundamental analysis since the asset is  more likely to closely meet the expected long term forecast.