The Market Price indicates the current value at which an underlying asset can be bought or sold.


One of the most basic rules of economics theory dictates that the Market Price is coincides at the point where the levels of supply and demand meet. Any changes made to the levels of the supply or demand of the underlying asset can result in a change of the rate of the asset in question.


The relationship between the commodities and the market ratio of a currency pair can also cause a significant impact on the moving average of a particular currency pair.


The Market Price of an underlying asset is at the center of what allows investors to make money from trading binary options.


Whether a binary options trader is placing a Call or Put trade, the end result is always decided by whether or not the expiry price is in the range of what the trader had predicted.


In the Forex and binary options markets, the rate of an underlying asset is almost constantly fluctuating and can sometime decide a trader’s victory or loss in the matter of seconds due to the occasional market volatility.