Binary Options trading signals are a great tool for new and aspiring, as well as professional traders, which can significantly help in boosting their trading success and streamline the process to be faster and easier. This article will help you learn everything you need to know about them and how to use them in your own practice.

What are binary options signals?

Basically, binary signals are alerts or suggestions to enter a trade at a given time. They can be sent manually by an analyst or automatically by software or a “robot” pre-programmed to analyze certain market patterns. Basically, with binary options alerts you don’t have to spend all your time refreshing pages hoping that a deal pops up and you won’t miss it. You get notifications for all the deals that might interest you – and depending on the plan you sign up for, you can customize them to really streamline and facilitate your trading process.

Types of binary signals

And that’s where we come to the classification of different binary signals types. First off, you can separate them into categories by asset you’re trading binaries on. If you’re only interested in oil or gold binaries, for example, since those are the markets you feel most comfortable with, it’s natural that you will only want to get signals for these types of deals. Also, you can split binary options signals by the source they come from. There are some free binary options signals you can find on the internet, these are mostly of the general variety, and then there are paid subscription services, which can be more tailored to your needs. These can come from live analysts or from trading software.

Where to find binary signals

With the market of binary options growing day by day, there’s no wonder that there is a huge market for binary signals providers as well. You can pick and choose depending on what’s most comfortable for you – there are apps created for your phone, there’s the possibility of getting email alerts or you can receive them straight into the software or website you are using. Be sure to do some background research on the provider you’re signing up with, especially if you’re opting for a paid service (and some premium services can set you back as far as $500 a month – but it also can be worth it if you’re trading big). Also, always read the fine print of the contract and it’s best to not let your signal provider do the actual trading for you.

To sum up our binary signals review, they’re a very useful tool which can improve both your productivity and your trading success if used wisely, and are most definitely worth looking into if you’re a binary trader.