Google (GOOG)

The capital market capitalization of Google is worth $398,922.31 (mil). The market capitalization is measured by multiplying the total amount of the company’s shares with the current strike price of Google stocks. The company’s shareholders agreed to not distribute dividends after a unanimous decision to re-invest earnings into the company.

Traders interested in trading Google stocks and who are unsure whether or not stock trading on binary options trading platforms is similar to other types of options trading can rest assured that it entirely the same. Traders looking to execute stock trading activities will be required to choose the asset of their choice on the binary options platform, input their preferred investment amount and expiry time, and place either a CALL or PUT option.

Let’s look at an example of trading Google stocks. If the current market price for GOOG (Google.) is 587.42. An investor interested in trading Google stocks is speculating that the price of Google stocks will drop after 30 minutes – he/she will then place a PUT option on the binary options platform with a predetermined payout rate in the eventuality of a win, which is usually in the region of 70% with most brokers. If the market rate of Google stocks is lower in 30 minutes than it was at the strike price, the trade is In The Money and the trader makes profit on top of the initially invested amount. Trading Google stocks is not limited to PUT options – traders can also place CALL options on any underlying asset.

In an effort to provide additional information on this particular stock, charts have been placed on this page for your convenience.