Facebook (FB)

Facebook’s capital market capitalization is worth $191,649.80 (mil). The market capitalization is measured by multiplying the total amount of the company’s shares with the current strike price of Facebook stocks.


Trading Facebook stocks on a binary options trading platform is the same as trading other assets. Traders who want to perform stock trading simply need to select the stock that they want to trade on the binary options platform, look at the Facebook stock chart for reference, enter their investment amount and expiry time, and speculate on the direction in which they think the asset will expire at the end of the predetermined timeframe; traders can examine the Facebook stock chart for live information for the duration of the trade.


For example, let’s assume that the current stock trading price for FB (Facebook) is 74.68. Traders who believe that the price of Facebook stocks will drop after 15 minutes will place a PUT option on the binary options platform with a predetermined payout rate in the eventuality of a win. If the market rate of Facebook stocks is lower in 15 minutes than it was at the strike price, the trade is In The Money and profit is made on top of the initial investment amount. Most traders are encouraged to examine the Facebook stock chart prior to placing a trade, for a more informed decision.


This page offers viewers the chance to examine a Facebook stock chart for further analysis on this particular stock. Examining the Facebook stock chart is highly recommended as it provides the trader with previous information on this specific stock and its previous performances on the market.